My name is Karrie-Ann. I am a Mom. A Wife.  A Daughter.  A Friend.  A Sister. A Professional.

I very much believe in the power of gratitude and optimism.  I try to practice both on a daily basis and hope I succeed more times than not.

I am trying to listen to “myself” more.  I adore the country way of life and wide open spaces. I am trying to embrace and more fully understand human nature.  Human nature fascinates me. Laughter – the real kind that brings tears to your face – is my ultimate high and nothing beats it.

I love to dance – regardless of my ability.  I am trying to be a better listener.  I mean REALLY listen.  I believe few people truly do.  My favourite past time is actively creating moments and memories for my loved ones (and myself). I sometimes can be quite narcissistic – as indicated by this rambling section “about me”.

People tend to enjoy my love of life but are put off by my emotions that are sometimes too close to the surface.  Coining my own backward expression, I have described myself as a Private Extrovert. I am a Maritimer who has a strong sense of pride of being from this area.  I struggle with social media and the role it plays in our society. I love to write but am not proficient at it.

I am the Mom of a cancer survivor as well as the Mom of a daughter who helped him not only survive but to live life. Be sure to check out my post “A True Story”. I always have a camera with me. I have a hard time ignoring what’s under the rug.  I believe in walking the talk and that words and intent mean little without action.  I believe in saying YES! to new opportunities and experiences in life.

Which brings me here.

I have for some time now wanted to blog. Today I am saying “yes”.

Here we go ….


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